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Poire William Eau-de-Vie

Wine; ABV: 48%;

This Williams Pear is a blend of several vintages, which gives it all its compexity. Thus the young eaux-de-vie are very aromatic, while the older ones bring roundness and fatness. It will be very pleasant as an aperitif or after a good meal. The freshness softens the alcohol and the heat brings out all the aromas. It can also be used in cooking, to flambé prawns or to flavour a pancake batter.



color: unspecifie

Trenel Fils

The House of Trénel produces a broad range of wines from Beaujolais and Mâconnais. The greatest exigency is required for each appelation as well as regular contact with the winegrower. The Beaujolais wines, for example, can be istinguished by their body and richness. Emphasis is placed on the extraction and the ageing potential during cellar maturation. History of The House of Trénel The House of Trénel was created by Claude-Henri Trénel in 1928. Thanks to André Trénel, his son, it has become a real and respected reference in all good restaurants, whether in France or abroad. This experienced man built the House of Trénel with hard work and sheer force of willpower. It has retained the print of its quality requirements as well as the specifics, which made it well known: its ranges of Crus du Beaujolais, its wines from the Mâconnais and its fine fruit liqueurs from Burgundy. ``You can only do things well if you know how to do them [continues...]

Images from Trenel Fils

Fraise . la Fraise des Bois 70cl

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A B V: 18% Vintage: non-vintag Color: unspecifie Country: France Code: 56134

Creme de Mure Trenel 70cl

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A B V: 18% Vintage: non-vintag Color: unspecifie Code: 1973

Creme de Cerise 2008 15pc vol

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A B V: 15% Vintage: non-vintag Color: unspecifie Country: France Code: 73528

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