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Beaune Les Greves 1er Crû 2011

Wine; vintage: 2011; ABV: 13%;

As the saying goes 'all roads lead to Rome but the finest pass through Beaune'! This historic and beautiful town is regarded as the capital of Burgundy and very worthwhile a detour to visit. Their wines are distinguished, complex, intriguing, beguiling and immensely pleasing. This wine from the top 'Les Greves 1er Cru' vineyards encompasses all the very best qualities and expresses the very finest characteristics. The bouquet has nuances of black cherries and blackcurrants and the flavour is full yet distinguished and refined with fine silky tannins.

Grape varieties: Pinot Noir;



color: red
sweetness: 2
country: France
vintage: 2011

Domaine Parigot Pere & Fils


Volnay Les Brouillards 2007

This fine red Burgandy has underlined, yet again, that the 2007 vintage may well turn out to be one of the best in recent years. Volnay is between Pommard and Meursault and often produces the best reds of the Cote de Beaune. Structured and silky, with elegance and plenty of delicious Pinot Noir friut, black cherries, redcurrants, cassis, this is certainly the wine to 'cut your teeth on' if you have ever experienced the pleasure of top notch Volnay. [read on...]


A B V: 13% Vintage: 2007 Color: red Country: France Code: 73954

Bourgogne Hantes-Côtes-de-Beaune Blanc VV 09

[read on...]


A B V: 13% Vintage: 2009 Color: white Country: France Code: 76517

Chassagne Montrachet Clos Saint Jean 1er Crû 11

This 1er Cru offers a superb image of this appellation. The nose is full of expression of white flowers and honeysuckle with sublety. The flavour is lively, fleshy and stout, powerful yet elgant. There is a citrus and mineral edge to round off an intriguing and complex flavour. [read on...]


A B V: 13% Vintage: 2011 Color: white Country: France Code: 80105

Côtes de Beaune Clos de la Perrière 2011

This excellent red burgundy shows the noble Pinot Noir grape at its mouthwatering best. It features expressions of red fruits and sous-bois with fine velvety well integrated ripe tannins. [read on...]


A B V: 13% Vintage: 2011 Color: red Country: France Code: 80113

Savigny Les Beaune Les Peuillets 1er Crû 11

A mid-weight Burgundy in this important village near the superior Peuillets 1er Cru vineyards near to Beaune. The bouquet is intense with hints of both red and dark fruits with a touch of spice and minerals. The flavour embodies all that is so rich and delicious about fine Beaune wines. Seductive juicy Pinot Noir frui, elegance, complexity and finesse. [read on...]


A B V: 13% Vintage: 2011 Color: red Country: France Code: 80122

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