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Domaine de `Ecu

The Domaine de l`Ecu has been in the family for five generations. In 1975 the domaine produced biological wine exclusively. In 1992 M. Guy Bossard, the owner, started producing wine biodynamically (according to the phases of the moon) and from 1996 the whole wine production on this estate has been made this way, certified by the French controle body DEMETER. They still use mules and a hand plough to work the rows, and natural manure as fertiliser. The grapes are hand picked. All their natural wines are bottled ``Sur Lie`` (straight off the lees) to capture freshness and fruit. The domaine has 21 hectares under vines made up of Melon de Bourgogne for the Muscadet de Sevre et Maine, 2 hectares of Folle Blanche for the Gros Plant, 2 hectares of Cabernet for the Vin de Pays Rouge and one hectare of Chardonnay for their bottle fermented sparkling wine. Domaine de l`Ecu is widely regarded as the best wine estate in Muscadet and has had very many top awards and accolades as proof.

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Domaine des Banquettes

The André family has owned the property since 1910. In 1951 Patrice's grandfather was part of the founding of the cooperative and the grapes from the property were delivered there until 2002 when a new cellar was built on a slope with 9 metres difference between where the grapes are received and where the ageing takes place. In this way any pumping can be avoided. The domain covers 30 ha, 15 ha in Rasteau, 14 ha in Violes (Plan de Dieu) and 1 ha in Sablet.

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Domaine des Bernardins

For your delectation, our wine has matured over the changing seasons. It has its own particular style. Its warmth, rapidity and bouquet are enchanting. It elegantly exudes captivating charm, yielding a sweet and harmonious mouth-feel. Then the wine displays all its roundness wonderfully like a peacock’s tail. Its velvety mellowness slips down unctuously as you swallow, then bestows a warm and sensual caress. Wonderful length. Louis Castaud, founder of AOC Muscat de Beaumes de Venise, father and grandfather of the current owners.

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Domaine des Cretes

The vines grow in a variety of soils; this is what makes Brondel wines so original. The estate wines are regularly awarded medals in French wine competitions and mentioned in the Guide Hachette. Both our vatrooms, the first in a 19th century building and the second, which was built in 1999, are equipped for making wine using the latest vinification techniques. The Domaine des Crêtes wines are made using grapes from vines that have been certified for integrated vinegrowing since 2005, using the Terra Vitis guidelines with tracability checks carried out by an independent organisation. Through this Jean-François BRONDEL is confirming what he has always done since he started out; respected the flora, fauna and the ecosystem. His son Sylvain agrees this made of work and decides to participle at the family’s wine. Brondel winegrowers work on 11 hectares in all, of which 10 are for the red and rosé wine , so this is the gamay grape variety, and 1 hectare is for white wine and Crémant de Bourgogne, which is the chardonnay grape variety. This grape variety produces a high quality wine planted on chalky soil exposed to the east. All the wines are produced on the estate with the latest vinification techniques in a state of the art winery (thermo regulation system, modern press and conveying system).

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Domaine des Deux Arcs

We conduct our 48 hectares of vines in viticulture. After analyzing the climate we believe the risk of contamination and déclenchons or not the treatment plots against pests and fungal diseases. To meet the requirements of the Grenelle environment, we are committed under contract with the Water Agency and the Region decreased our phytosanitary inputs. We are audited on our practices and facilities. Next appellations we have 2 modes of conduct soil: * Total grassing ranks and chemical weeding of cantaloupe (partly under the vine) for Chenin grape * alternately a grassy rank and a cultivated row for other varieties (cabernet, grolleau, chardonnay), chemical weed control cavaillon Since 2010 we conduct mechanical weeding trials cantaloupe thus eliminating any herbicide. Our plots are surrounded by hedges buissonnières we maintain regular . They contain essential wildlife. We grow, vinify and sell our entire production. Actor in his time, we make technology an asset for the quality and conservation of wines. The air-conditioned cellars, under inert gas conservation and TFF are major assets.

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Domaine des Maillettes

In our opinion, one of the best producers in the Maconnais. Guy Saumaize, a second-generation producer has 13 hectares of mostly Chardonnay, making wines from the ACs of Macon Davayé, St Véran and Pouilly Fuissé. Specific site selction based on the terroir (limestone and clay) and seperate vinification allow Guy to make expressive wines both from single vineyards or from blends of vineyard sites.

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Domaine des Malandes

The Domaine des Malandes was so named in 1986. Lyne and Jean-Bernard Marchive are the winegrowers of this family sized wine farm. The domaine originates from the work of several generations of Tremblays (Lyne Marchive`s family), locals from a village called ``La Chapelle Vaupelteigne``, one of the twenty villages that make up the Chablis wine region. The vines and Vinification In wine-making, Domaine des Malandes` main objective consists of leaving a maximum of possibilities for the soil to express itself. Chablis has the good fortune of a unique type of soil called Kimmeridgian which confers to its wine mineral and vivid tastes. Constantly during the vegetative period, the Domaine des Malandes` team controls the vine`s foliage and fruit, using integrated pest management. So when harvest time arrives, the grapes reach optimal maturity and quality. In the cellar, a lot of care is taken of vinification. Jean-Bernard Marchive`s interventions as a wine-maker do not mark the wines but on the contrary leave them a chance to asserttheir own character. from: http://www.domainedesmalandes.com/ Reproduced without permission Chablis wine The Chablis wine region is the northernmost sector of Burgundy, France, and also the name of a town located there. The Appellation d`Origine Contrôlée system divides the region into four classifications: Chablis AOC, Petit Chablis AOC, Chablis Premier Cru AOC and Chablis Grand Cru AOC. All wines in the appell (continues) ...

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Domaine des Noelles

Viticole since Romans, the region nantaise has never failed to this tradition. Encounter of the earth and the ocean, it has since always welcomed curious spirits and travelers. After Romans, monks developed the vine and surent to exploit at best the numerous center communication that the Country Secured offered them. The Sèvre, the Maine, marsh of Goulaine offered a preferential access on the Loire and completed to wonder the numerous see romaines already established. To the XVIE`, the White Mad vine makes its appearance in the Vineyard. It is used to produce a wine whose fleshy and thick appearance of the cep inspires the Large name Plant. Dutch installed to Secure to this period, see its port as an appropriateness to the development of wine transportation bythe sea. Thus it is that the Large Plant is one the first wines secured to know the infatuation of countries of Europe northern. To 1635, the Burgundy bring in their baggage a vine to round leaves, appointed the Melon. As much this vine acclimatized badly to its region of origin, as much it finds here an earth nourricière. In 1709, a terrible winter is abat on the vineyard. The temperature descends even until - 20°C. Casks explode, the ocean freezes the long of coasts! As to thank its country for welcome, the Melon resists courageously, offering a wine to the character asserted: the Muscadet. In 1925, 8 "vignerons" of the Haie - Fouassière sense that the guarantee of the origin of their wine is indispensable for the (continues) ...

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Domaine des Nugues

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Domaine du Chene

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Domaine du Gour de Chaule

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Domaine du Grand Ormeau

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Domaine du VIeux Parc

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Domaine Gerard Tremblay

Gerard Tremblay produces three types of wine with characteristic aroma of white flowers; rose, acacia... .Toujours précurseur et attaché à la qualité de ses vins, Gérard TREMBLAY produit des vins trés typés avec des arômes caractéristiques de fleurs blanches, de rose, de miel d`accacia, amples et gras en bouche, intenses au nez comme en bouche, trés onctueux et d`excellente évolution...

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Domaine Grand Tinel

The Grand Tinel Estate is the fruit of two ancient families from Popal Times and were already well known in the XVIth century ; Establet and Jeune. The word “Grand Tinel”in the XVIth century , meant in Latin, a keg, but also , a cellar: in countries of Latin origin, it also designated the dining room. At present , it means the ageing cellar. Already under Louis the XVth,in 1770, Francois Establet owned a vineyard in Chateauneuf Calcenier, called “the Popes”. In 1836, Alexis Establet bought more vines in the Escairvins area. But it was his son, Georges Establet, who acquired parcels of the Gardiole in 1846, which still represent the heart of the estate along with the “Moulin a Vents” formerly called “ Moulin de l’Auro”. It was then Marius Establet who created the estate of the ‘Petite Gardiole” and commercialised his wines in big kegs. His son, born in1906, Charles Establet, continued to sell in big kegs and began to bottle wines from the Petite Gardiole for his friends. Born in 1904, Lucien Jeune owned vines in the area called Boubcou and Pied Redon. In the 1930’s he transported wine, then became mayor of Chateauneuf for 25 years. In the 1960’s, the two estates became one when Christiane Establet and Pierre Elie Jeune married. The Grand Tinel Estate was born in 1972. In 1974, they began the construction of the winery, with a capacity of 4,600 hectolitres, on three levels: the basement reserved for the ageing cellar with oak barrels (continues) ...

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Domaine Henry Pelle

Situated right in the extreme east of the Loire Valley, a stone`s throw from Bourges lies the charming little village of Morogues, with fields, meadows and slopes clustered around its very beautiful church. The Domaine Henry Pellé cellars are at the foot of one of these slopes. Wine has been produced for years in Morogues, and though the Pellés have been winegrowers for generations, it was in 1959 (when the Menetou-Salon appellation was created) that the history of this very young appellation and that of the Pellé family became intertwined. The vines grow in Kimmeridgean clay-limestone marl made up of myriads of minute fossilized oyster shells called locally terre blanche or white soil. The estate practices organic viticulture (soil, environment, fauna) and by working the soil and green harvesting are able to highlight the terroir and control yields. Source: http://www.henry-pelle.com/

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Domaine Jacky Marteau

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Domaine Jaume

Domaine Jaume is located in Vinsobres, a small town in Provence, about 60km from Avignon. The domaine coves 80 hecatres of hillside on the edge of the Rhone valley. Jaume is a 6th cru in the AOC system - the only one in Southg Drome - and celebrated its centenary in 2005. Domaine Jaume is owned and run by the Jaume family, who have lived in Vinsobres since 1905.


Grapes are hand picked, and for most appelations are destemmed and vatted separately. After crushing, red wines undergo a cold maceration at 15'c, rising to 18'c to begin the fermentation. White wines are fermented at a very low temperatue and matured on the lees with stirring before bottling. Rosé is obtained by bleeding, and its fermentation and maturing are the same a for white wines.

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Domaine Jean Chauvenet

HISTORY OF DOMAINE Domaine Jean Chauvenet is one of the finest addresses for concentrated, ageworthy Nuits St. Georges. The Chauvenet family traces its roots as vignerons in Nuits St. Georges back to 1680. Jean Chauvenet not only expanded the family holdings to include several 1er Cru vineyard plots but also significantly increased the amount of wine that was bottled at the domaine instead of being sold to negociants. Jean recently retired and Christophe Drag, his son-in-law, has successfully assumed the management of the domain. The upcoming release of the 2001 vintage will mark the 25th vintage presented by Rosenthal Wine Merchant to the US market. COMPOSITION OF DOMAINE The estate exploits 9 hectares of vineyards in Nuits St. Georges that includes holdings in some of the finest 1er Cru vineyards sites both in the northern and southern sections of the appellation (Damodes, Rue de Chaux, Bousselots, Perrieres, Vaucrains). Average age of the vines is 40 years old. They are planted in the traditional high density of 10,000 vines per hectare. Soils on the northern part of the valley (Damodes, Bousselots) are primarily pebbles and limestone with a little clay. Soils on the southern part of the valley (Rue de Chaux, Vaucrains) are deeper, brown limestone. The resulting wines reflect those essential differences with the more northern wines exhibiting more forward fruit while the wines of the south assert more profound structure. Yields average around 35 hl/ha. H (continues) ...

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Domaine La Bouissieire

As Thierry Faravel puts it: Vignoble aménagé en terrasses à 300 mètres d’altitude. Agriculture raisonnée, récolte manuelle non égrappée et triée. Longue cuvaison, élevage en barriques sur lies et en cuves. Vin ni collé, ni filtré.

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