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Palate: A tasting term for the feel and taste of a wine in the mouth.

Petillant: A wine with a hint of sparkle.

pH: An acronym for `potential hydrogen`, in wine the term refers to the level of acidity. The lower the pH, the higher the acidity.

Phylloxera: A microscopic underground insect that kills grape vines by attacking their roots.

Pip: Grape seeds.

Plan Bordeaux: A proposal for enhancing the economoic status of the wine industry in Bordeaux.

Plonk: British English slang for an inexpensive bottle of wine. The term is thought to originate from the French word for white wine, `blanc`.

Pomace: The skins, stalks, and seeds that remain after making wine. Also called `marc`.

Proof: Refers to the alcohol content of a beverage. In the United States, proof represents twice the alcohol content as a percentage of volume. Thus, a 100 proof beverage is 50% alcohol by volume and a 150 proof beverage is 75% alcohol. In the Imperial system, proof, (or 100% proof), equals 57.06% ethanol by volume, or 48.24% by weight. Absolute or pure ethanol is 75.25 over proof, or 175.25 proof.

Puncheon: A wine barrel that holds approximately 318 litres (160 U.S. gallons).

Punt: The indentation found in the base of a wine bottle. Punt depth is often thought to be related to wine quality, with better quality wines having a deeper punt.

Qualitätswein: A designation of better quality German wines.

Qualitätswein Bestimmter Anbaugebeite: A designation of better quality German wines from recognized viticultural areas.

Qualitätswein mit Pradikat: A designation of best quality German wines that must conform to specific requirements of origin and composition.

Racking: The process of drawing wine off the sediment, such as lees, after fermentation and moving it into another vessel.

Rémuage: Part of the Méthode Champenoise process whereby bottles of sparkling wine are successively turned and gradually tilted upside down so that sediment settles into the necks of the bottles in preparation for `degorgement`.

Rehoboam: A large bottle holding 4.5 litres, the equivalent of six regular wine bottles.

Reserva: Spanish and Portuguese term for a reserve wine.

Reserve: A term given to wine to indicate that it is of higher quality than usual.

Residual sugar: Also known as `RS`, the level of sugar that remains unfermented in a wine.

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