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Jeroboam: A large bottle holding three litres, the equivalent of four regular wine bottles.

Jug wine: American English term for inexpensive table wine.

Kosher wine: Wine that is produced under the supervision of a rabbi so as to be ritually pure or clean. Although commonly sweet, it need not be so.

Late harvest wine: Also known as `late picked`, wine made from grapes that have been left on the vine longer than usual. Usually an indicator for a very sweet or dessert wine.

Lean: Needs a bit more flesh (ie, weight and flavour).

Lees: Wine sediment that occurs during and after fermentation, and consists of dead yeast, grape seeds, and other solids. Wine is separated from the lees by `racking`.

Legs: The tracks of liquid that cling to the sides of a glass after the contents have been swirled. Often said to be related to the alcohol or glycerol content of a wine. Also called `tears`.

Length: How long the flavours linger after swallowing; generally the longer the better the wine.

Lightstruck: A tasting term for a wine that has had long exposure to Ultraviolet light causing `wet cardboard` type aroma and flavour.

Litre (US - Liter): A metric measure of volume equal to 33.8 ounces.

Look: A tasting term for the casual sensory evaluation of a wine.

Maceration: The contact of grape skins with the must during fermentation, extracting phenolic compounds including tannins, anthocyanins, and aroma.

Madeirized: A wine showing Madeira-like flavour, generally evidence of oxidation. Sometimes used to describe white wine that has been kept long past its prime.

Maderized: Wine so oxidised it smells like Madeira.

Magnum: A bottle holding 1.5 litres, the equivalent of two regular wine bottles.

Malolactic fermentation: Also known as `malo` or `MLF`, a secondary fermentation in wines by lactic acid bacteria during which tart tasting malic acid is converted to softer tasting lactic acid.

Marc: French for `fruit skins`. See `pomace`.

Master of Wine: A qualification (not an academic degree) conferred by The Institute of Masters of Wine, which is located in the United Kingdom.

May wine: A light German wine flavored with sweet woodruff in addition to strawberries or other fruit.

M├ęthode Champenoise: Process whereby sparkling wines receive a second fermentation in the same bottle that will be sold to a retail buyer. Compare with Charmat or bulk fermented.

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