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Fleshy: Refers both to substance and texture. Implies weighty, smooth fruit.

Flor: The yeast responsible for the character of dry Sherries.

Flowery: With the fragrance and taste of flowers.

Fortified wine: Wine to which alcohol has been added, generally to increase the concentration to a high enough level to prevent fermentation.

Foxy: A tasting term for the musty odor and flavor of wines made from `Vitis labrusca` grapes native to North America.

Free run: Juice obtained from grapes that have not been pressed.

Fresh: A wine with crisp acidity.

Frizzante: Semi-sparkling wine; slightly effervescent.

Globalization of wine: Refers to the increasingly international nature of the wine industry, including vineyard management practices, winemaking techniques, wine styles, and wine marketing.

Grape juice: The free-run or pressed juice from grapes. Unfermented grape juice is known as "must."

Green: A wine that is young and tart.

Green harvest: The harvesting of green (unripe) grapes in an attempt to increase the yield of quality grapes.

Hard: A tasting term for a wine that containins too much tannin and is therefore unpleasant. Hard wines often take a long time to mature.

Heady: The sense that the alcohol content is out of proportion.

Hectare: A metric measure that equals 10,000 m² (2.471 acres).

Hock: Term for Rhine wines, usually used in England.

Hogshead: A wine barrel that holds approximately 239 litres (63 gallons).

Hollow: Lacking flavour in the middle palate; `empty`

Honeyed: An aroma and flavour often found in botrytised wines.

Ice wine: Wine made from frozen grapes. Called `eiswein` in German.

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