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Drip dickey: A wine accessory that slips over the neck of a wine bottle and absorbs any drips that may run down the bottle after pouring - preventing stains to table cloths, counter tops or other surfaces.

Dry: Wines with zero or very low levels of residual sugar. The opposite of sweet.

Earthy: Flavour sometimes apparent in the wine.

Eiswein: German for ice wine, a dessert wine made from frozen grapes.

Elegant: Not too heavy a wine, with good balance and structure.

en Tirage: French for `in pulling`, refers to the period of time in which bottled sparkling wine is rested in contact with lees generated during secondary fermentation. Part of the M├ęthode Champenoise process.

Enology: American English spelling of oenology, the study of wine.

Extra dry: A champagne or sparkling wine with a small amount of residual sugar (slightly sweet). Not as dry as `Brut`.

Extract: The non-volatile components of wine that make up its flavour.

Farm winery: A United States winery license allowing farms to produce and sell wine on-site.

Fat: Mouth-filling and weighty, with a smooth, round texture.

Fermentation: The conversion of grape sugars to alcohol by yeast.

Fiasco: The straw-covered flask historically associaed with Chianti.

Fighting varietal: A term that originated in California during the mid 1980s to refer to any inexpensive cork-finished varietal wine in a 1.5 liter bottle.

Finesse: Elegance - not too heavy a wine, with good balance and structure.

Fining: A `clarification` process where flocculants, such as bentonite or egg white, are added to the wine to remove suspended solids.

Finish: A tasting term for the lingering aftertaste after a wine has been swallowed.

Finish: The quality of a wine`s aftertaste. It's length of flavour.

Firm: Flavour that strikes the palate fairly hard. Usually denotes a youthful wine with some tannin.

Flagon: A glass bottle that holds two litres of (usually inexpensive) table wine.

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