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Corkscrew: A tool, comprising a pointed metallic helix attached to a handle, for drawing Corks from bottles.

Corky: A musty aroma and flavour in a wine derived from a tainted cork.

Crackling: Semi-sparkling wine; slightly effervescent. Also called `frizzante`.

Crémant: French sparkling wine not made in Champagne region.

Crisp: Fresh, lively wine with good acidity.

Crust: Sediment, generally potassium bitartrate, that adheres to the inside of a wine bottle.

Cult wines: Wines for which committed buyers will pay large sums of money because of their desirbility and rarity.

Cuve: A large vat used for fermentation.

Cuvee: The pressing, or a blending of several wines.

Dégorgement: The disgorging or removal of sediment from bottles that results from secondary fermentation.

Decanting: The process of pouring wine from its bottle into a decanter to separate the sediment from the wine.

Demi-sec: Moderately sweet to medium sweet sparkling wines.

Depth: A `deep` wine has many layers of flavour.

Dessert wine: Very sweet, high alcohol wines.

Devatting: The process of separeting red must from pomace, which can happen before or after fermentation.

DO: 1. The abbreviation for `Denominación de Origen`, or `place name.` This is Spain`s designation for wines whose name, origin of grapes, grape varieties and other important factors are regulated by law.
2. The abbreviation for `dissolved oxygen`, the degree of oxygen saturation in a wine, which strongly affects oxidation of the wine and its ageing properties.

DOC: The abbreviation for `Denominazione di Origine Controllata`, or `controlled place name.` This is Italy`s designation for wine whose name, origin of grapes, grape varieties and other important factors are regulated by law. It is also the abbreviation for Portugal`s highest wine category, which has the same meaning in that country.

DOCG: The abbreviation for Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita, or controlled and guaranteed place name, which is the category for the highest-ranking wine in Italy.

Doux: French word for sweet. Usually refers to the sweetest category of sparkling wines.

Drawing off: see Devatting.

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