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Brut: A French term for a very dry champagne or sparkling wine. Drier than extra dry.

Bung: A stopper (plug) used to seal a bottle or barrel. Commonly used term for corks.

Butt: An old English unit of wine casks, equivalent to about 477 litres (126 US gallons/105 imperial gallons).

California cult wines: Certain California wines for which consumers and others pay higher prices than those of Bordeaux`s First Growths (Premiers Crus).

Capsule: The plastic or foil that covers the cork and part of the neck of a wine bottle.

Carbonic maceration: A winemaking practice of fermenting whole grapes that have not been crushed.

Champagne flute: A piece of stemware having a long stem with a tall, narrow bowl on top.

Chaptalization: A winemaking process where sugar is added to the must to increase the alcohol content in the fermented wine. This is often done when grapes have not ripened adequately.

Chardonnay: A type of wine, one of the `noble` white varietals.

Charmat process: The Charmat or bulk process is a method where sparkling wines receive their secondary fermentation in large tanks, rather than individual bottles as seen in Méthode champenoise.

Château: Generally a winery in Bordeaux, although the term is sometimes used for wineries in other parts of the world, such as the List of wineries in the Barossa Valley.

Claret: British name for Bordeaux wine. Is also a semi-generic term for a red wine in similar style to that of Bordeaux.

Clarification: A winemaking process involving the `fining` and filtration of wine to remove suspended solids and reduce turbidity.

Cleanskin: In Australia, wine bottled without a commercial label, usually sold cheaply in bulk quantities.

Closed: A wine not showing very much on the aroma or taste, often because a wine is young.

Cold Duck: A mixture of red and white sparkling wine that has a high sugar content.

Cold stabilization: A winemaking process where wine is chilled to near freezing temperatures for several weeks to encourage the precipitation of tartrate crystals.

Cork: A wine bottle stopper (plug) made from the tissue of the cork oak tree.

Cork taint: A type of wine fault describing undesirable aromas and flavours in wine often attributed to mould growth on chlorine bleached corks.

Corked: A tasting term for a wine that has cork taint.

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