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Baumé scale: A measure of the sugar concentration in the juice or wine.

Beeswing: A light sediment, chiefly mucilage, found in Port.

Bentonite: A type of clay used in wine ``clarification``.

Biodynamic wine: Wines produced by the principles of biodynamic agriculture.

Bitterness: Often caused by tannin or from the grapes` lack of ripeness.

Blanc de Blancs: A white wine made from white grapes.

Blanc de Noirs: A white wine made from red grapes.

Blending: The mixing of two or more different parcels of wine together by winemakers to produce a consistent finished wine that is ready for bottling. Laws generally dictate what wines can be blended together, and what is subsequently printed on the wine label.

Blind tasting: Tasting and evaluating wine without knowing what it is.

Blowsy: Unbalanced wine lacking structure or acidity.

Bodega: A Spanish wine cellar. Also refers to a seller of alcoholic beverage.

Body: The sense of weight imparted by a wine to the mouth of a taster. A wine may be light- or full-bodied.

Botrytis cinerea: The Botrytis cinerea mould that can pierce grape skins causing dehydration. The resulting grapes produce a highly prized sweet wine, generally dessert wine.

Bottle shock: Also known as `bottle-sickness`, a temporary condition of wine characterized by muted or disjointed fruit flavors. It often occurs immediately after bottling or when wines (usually fragile wines) are shaken in travel. After several days the condition usually disappears.

Bottle variation: The degree to which bottled wine of the same style and vintage can vary.

Bouquet: A tasting term for the complex aromas of an aged wine. The term is generally not applied to young wines.

Box wine: Wine packaged in a bag usually made of flexible plastic and protected by a box, usually made of cardboard. The bag is sealed by a simple plastic tap.

Brettanomyces: A wine spoilage yeast that produces taints in wine commonly described as `barnyard` or `band-aids`.

Bright: Describes a wine that has high clarity, very low levels of suspended solids.

Brix: A measurement of the dissolved sucrose level in a wine.

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