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Vinification: The process of making grape juice into wine.

Vino: Italian and Spanish, Originally derived from Latin, for `wine`.

Vintage: The year in which a particular wine`s grapes were harvested. When a vintage year is indicated on a label, it signifies that all the grapes used to make the wine in the bottle were harvested in that year.

Viticulture: The cultivation of grapes. Not to be confused with viniculture.

Vitis labrusca: A breed of grapes native to North America. `See also Foxy.`

Volatile acidity: The level of acetic acid present within a wine.

Waiter`s friend: A popular type of corkscrew used commonly in the hospitality industry.

Well-balanced: All the elements of acidity - fruit, tannins, etc - are in balance.

Wine cave: A large cave that is excavated to provide a cool location for storing and aging wine. Similar to wine cellar.

Wine cellar: A cool, dark location in which wine is stored, often for the purpose of ageing.

Wine fault: Undesirable characteristics in wine caused by poor winemaking techniques or storage conditions.

Wine fraud: Any form of dishonesty in the production or distribution of wine.

Wine label: The descriptive sticker or signage adhered to the side of a wine bottle.

Wine lake: Refers to the continuing surplus of wine over demand (glut) being produced in the European Union.

Wine tasting: The sensory evaluation of wine, encompassing more than taste, but also mouthfeel, aroma, and colour.

Wine-press: A device, comprising two vats or receptacles, one for trodding and bruising grapes, and the other for collecting the juice.

Winemaker: A person engaged in the occupation of making wine.

Winery: A building, property, or company that is involved in the production of wine.

Yeast: A microscopic unicellular fungi responsible for the conversion of sugars in must to alcohol. This process is known as alcoholic fermentation.

Young: Wine that is not matured and usually bottled and sold within a year of its vintage.

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