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The Berthomeau Report: Commissioned by French Ministry of Agriculture to better position the wine industry for the future.

Thief: A tubular instrument for removing a sample from a cask or barrel. Also called a `pipe`.

Toast: The charcoal that is burned into the inside of wine casks. To toast refers to that process. It also refers to the practice of drinking an alcohol beverage along with wishing good health or other good fortune.

Trocken: German for `dry`.

Trokenbeerenauslese: German for `dry berry selected`. A type of German wine made from vine-dried grapes. Such grapes can be so rare that it can take a skilled picker a day to gather enough for just one bottle.

Tun: A wine cask that holds approximately, two butts, or 252 U.S. gallons.

Ullage: Also known as `headspace`, the unfilled space in a wine bottle, barrel, or tank.

Unoaked: Also known as `unwooded`, refers to wines that have been matured without contact with wood/oak such as in aging barrels.

Varietal: Wines made from a single list of grape varieties.

Vermouth: A fortified wine that has been flavoured with as many as 40 herbs and spices.

Vertical and horizontal wine tasting: In a vertical tasting, different vintages of the same wine type from the same winery are tasted. This emphasizes differences between various vintages. In a horizontal tasting, the wines are all from the same vintage but are from different wineries. Keeping wine variety or type and wine region the same helps emphasize differences in winery styles.

Vigneron: French for `vine grower`.

Vin: French for `wine`.

Vina: Spanish for `vineyard`.

Vine: A plant on which grapes grow.

Vinegar: A sour-tasting, highly acidic, liquid made from the oxidation of ethanol in wine, cider, beer, fermented fruit juice, or nearly any other liquid containing alcohol.

Vineyard: A place where grape vines are grown for wine making purposes.

Vinho: Portuguese for `wine`.

Vinho verde: An effervescent white wine produced in Portugal.

Viniculture: The art and science of making wine. Also called enology (or oenology). Not to be confused with viticulture.

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