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Spumante: Italian for `sparkling`. Generally any sparkling wines from Italy.

Stalky: Green taste literally from pressing grapes with their stalks.

Stelvin: A brand of screwcap.

Still wine: Wine that is not sparkling wine.

Structure: The `architecture` of the wine, it`s initial attack and how its flavours develop. A wine needs structure to age successfully.

Sulfites: Compounds added to wine to prevent oxidation and microbial spoilage.

Sulphur dioxide: A substance used in winemaking as a preservative.

Supple: Smooth, rounded and accessible.

Sweetness of wine: Defined by the level of residual sugar in the final liquid after the fermentation has ceased. However, how sweet the wine will actually taste is also controlled by factors such as the acidity and alcohol levels, the amount of tannin present, and whether the wine is sparkling.

Syndicat des Vins de Bordeaux et Bordeaux Superieur: An organisation representing the economic interests of wine producers in Bordeaux.

T budding: A technique that permits grafting of different grape varieties onto existing rootstocks in a vineyard.

T.B.A.: An abbreviation for the German wine Trockenbeerenauslese.

Table wine: Generally any wine that is not sparkling or fortified. In the US these wines must also be between 7% and 14% alcohol by volume.

Tannin: Polyphenolic compounds that give wine a bitter, dry, or puckery feeling in the mouth.

Tart: A tasting term describing a wine high in acidity. Often displayed by young, unripe wines.

Tartaric acid: The most important acid found in grapes.

Tasting flight: Refers to a selection of wines, usually between three and eight glasses, but sometimes as many as fifty, presented for the purpose of sampling and comparison.

Tears: The tracks of liquid that cling to the sides of a glass after the contents have been swirled. Often said to be related to the alcohol or glycerol content of a wine.

Terroir: French for `soil`, the physical and geographical characteristics of a particular vineyard site that give the resultant wine its unique properties.

Texture: A tasting term for the mouthfeel of wine on the palate.

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