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Reverse osmosis: A process used to remove excess alcohol from wine made from intentionally overripe grapes.

Riddling: Also known as `Rémuage` in French, part of the Méthode Champenoise process whereby bottles of sparkling wine are successively turned and gradually tilted upside down so that sediment settles into the necks of the bottles in preparation for `degorgement`.

Robust: Big and chunky.

Rosé: Pink wines that are produced from the shortened contact of red wine juice with its skins, reducing the red colour of the wine. These wines can also be made by blending a small amount of red wine with white wine.

Round: Smooth and full.

Ruby: A style of Port wine that is generally sweet.

Sack: An early English term for what is now called Sherry.

Salmanazar: A large bottle holding nine litres, the equivalent of 12 regular wine bottles.

Sangria: A tart punch made from red wine along with orange, lemon and apricot juice with added sugar.

Screwcap: An alternative to cork for sealing wine bottles, comprising a metal cap that screws onto threads on the neck of a bottle. Also called a "

Sec: French for dry, except in the case of Champagne, where it mean sweet.

Sekt: German sparkling wine.

Semi-generic: Wines made in the United States but named after places that the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau requires be modified by a US name of geographic origin. Examples would be New York Chablis, Napa Valley Burgundy or California Champagne.

Sherry: A fortified wine that has been subjected to controlled oxidation to produce a distinctive flavor.

Solera: A process used to systematically blend various vintages of Sherry.

Sommelier: A trained wine expert that often works in fine restaurants.

Sparkling wine: Effervescent wine containing significant levels of carbon dioxide.

Spätlese: German for `select`. Generally applied to German late harvest wines.

Split: A wine bottle that holds 375 mL, half the equivalent of a typical 750 mL bottle.

Spritzig: A wine with a hint of sparkle.

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