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The word wine comes from the Old English win, which derives from the Proto-Germanic *winam which was an early borrowing from the Latin vinum, (which can mean either the `wine` or the `vine`), from Aeolic Greek Fοίνος, (woinos) and from earlier languages such as Hebrew יין (yayin).

Wine producing Regions

Wine grapes grow almost exclusively between thirty and fifty degrees north or south of the equator. The world`s most southerly vineyards are in the South Island of New Zealand near the 45th parallel. However, the world`s most northerly vineyard is Blaxsta Vingård in Flen, Sweden, just above the 59th parallel. As a rule, grapevines prefer a relatively long growing season of 100 days or more with warm daytime temperatures (not above 95°F/35°C) and cool nights (a difference of 40°F/23°C or more).

Wine exporting countries

The 14 largest export nations (2005 dates) – France, Italy, Spain, Australia, Chile, the United States of America, Germany, South Africa, Portugal, Romania, Moldova, Hungary, Croatia and Argentina. California produces about 90% of the wine in the United States. In 2000, Great Britain imported more wine from Australia than from France for the first time in history.

The leaders in export volume by market share in 2003 were:

* France, 22%
* Italy, 20%
* Spain, 16%
* Australia, 8%
* Chile, 6%
* United States, 5%
* Portugal, 4%
* Germany, 4%

Wine production by country 2005

Rank, Country, Production (tonnes)
1 France 5,329,449
2 Italy 5,056,648
3 Spain 3,934,140
4 United States 2,232,000
5 Argentina 1,564,000
6 China 1,300,000
7 Australia 1,274,000
8 South Africa 1,157,895
9 Germany 1,014,700
10 Chile 788,551

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In this category

Cederberg Chenin Blanc 2007

Consistent Cape benchmark during the last decade gathering a clutch of awards. Made from old vines it is recognized for its powerfull nose of grapefruit, melon and citrus flavours which jumps out of the glass. Mouth tinglling crispness and a long fruity laden finish. [read on...]


A B V: 14% Vintage: 2007 Color: white Country: South Africa Region: Northern Cape Code: 69306

Cederberg Chenin Blanc 2010

Alc 13%. Cederberg has received the top awards for their Chenin Blanc for no fewer than seven consecutive years. The 2010 vintage does not disappoint - awarded a Double Gold medal. A complex bouquet showing grapefruit, winter melon and pomelo aromas. The palate is citrus centred, rich, round and with a full creamy finish. Elegant and sophisticated. [read on...]


A B V: 13.5% Vintage: 2010 Color: white Country: South Africa Region: Northern Cape Code: 75813

Cederberg Methode Cap Classico Sparkling Brut

This is the maiden vintage of the long awaited Cederberg Blanc de Blancs MCC made by the traditional French champagne method. The wine was partially fermented in top quality selected French oak casks, finishing the first fermentation in steel tanks. The still wine was bottled, adding a mesured 'dosage' of sugar to ferment in bottle to create fine bubbles. The wine is then left in the bottle on the lees for 4 yrs. This brings to the fore a yeasty, biscuit like aroma supported by fresh hints of citrus. These citrus aromas, in particular zesty lime, are derived from using 100% Chardonnay. There is a captivating creamy sensation on the palate and endless ribbons of perfect bubbles in the glass. [read on...]


A B V: 12,5% Vintage: non-vintag Color: white Country: South Africa Code: 74875

Cederberg Sauvignon Blanc 2016

An aromatic Sauvignon Blanc with grassy notes, white asparagus undertones and strong hints of capsicum, green figs, gooseberries and lemon zest. A refreshing acidity finished off the initial sensation of creaminess on the mid-palate. [read on...]


A B V: 13.5% Vintage: 2016 Color: white Country: South Africa Region: Northern Cape Code: 83937

Cederberg Shiraz 2015

A complex Shiraz with intense red fruit, mulberries and cherries on the nose 15 months in oak has added hints of sweet spice and vanilla. Red berries and cherries follow throughon the palate with a smooth lingering finish. A very well crafted wine that will repay handsomely if kept for a few years. Goes well with powerful cheddar cheese or gruyere or pait it with dark chocolate - a wonderful marriage. [read on...]


A B V: 14.5% Vintage: 2015 Color: red Country: South Africa Code: 82955

Cederberg V Generations Cab. Sauv. 2000

A serious boutique-style wine from a single, low-yield vineyard of 23 years old. Deep, almost black colour. 18 months in 100% new French oak has added complexity to the rich, multi-layered plum and cassis fruit flavours, with tobacco/eucalyptus and some earthy tones. A classically dry finish with a touch of Merlot to soften the firm Cabernet muscle. A wine with power and depth for a long life. Gold-SA Trophy Wine Show (SA Top 25 wines). Silver Medal-London International Wine/Spirit Competition. [read on...]


A B V: 13.5% Vintage: 2000 Color: Country: South Africa Region: Cederberg Code: 53180

Cederberg V Generations Cab. Sauv. 2005

An iconic wine and a Cape classic which leads the pack in the Cederberg range. Only 110 cases are produced. This hand crafted classically styled 2005 needs time to develope its full potential (to peak around 2015) although it is aready really delicious. Serious deep blackcurrant colour. The aging in new Frech oak barrels for 18 months has added complexity to the rich multi-layered plum and blackcurrant fruit flavours, with tobacco, mint and earthy tones. A classically dry finish finish with a touch a Merlot (10%) Although it is giving great pleasure now , it will repay keeping threefold. [read on...]


A B V: 13.5% Vintage: 2005 Color: red Country: South Africa Code: 69358

Cederberg V Generations Chenin Blanc 2009

Alc. 13. 5% Eleven months in selected French oak barrels on the 'lees' has added compexity without dominating the fruit. Full bodied and rich. Floral on the nosde with citrus and roast nuts and an unctuous fat, juicy palate with a lively crisp finish. Arguably the best vintage made to date. A well crafted masterpiece built to last. Only the six best barrels were chosen. [read on...]


A B V: 12.5% Vintage: 2009 Color: white Country: South Africa Code: 76160

Ch. d Assas Reserve Fut de Chene

[read on...]


A B V: 13% Vintage: non-vintag Color: white Code: 75300

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