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Vignoble Champalou

Catherine and Didier Champalou have the sensitivity necessary, the natural adaptation to “to smell well� their soils to vinify beautiful wines without forcing the course of the things, not leaving any place randomly. Both children of vine growers, they have managed the estate for 15 years, covering 20 hectares of Chenin on two distinct soils: argilo-limestone (aubuis) on the plates and argilo-siliceous (parakeets) on the slopes.

ROUGH VOUVRAY Produced on argilo-limestones soil, from vines 15 to 20 years old, the second fermentation is done in cellar, the bottles remaining on slats for approximately 20 months. Moving is carried out by hand. Discharging is still made “at the flight�, then the bottles rest during three weeks before the sale. The proportioning of our bottles is rough. No assembly is practised because we wish to respect the character of each year.

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Vouvray, Cuvee Moelleuse 1997 Champelou

A delicious, sweet, full bodied, powerfully flavoured Vouvray with peach, citrus zest and honeyed overtones. [read on...]


A B V: 12% Vintage: 1997 Color: Country: France Region: Loire Code: 44649

Vouvray Cuvee Trie de Vendange 1996 Champelou 5

An extraordinary sweet wine, moelleux, the result of a tri with a high percentage of noble rot and 11% of alcohol, and from an exceptional year. Champalou deliberately kept the alcohol low leaving the balance in residual sugar because that was how the legendary Vouvrays of 1921 and 1947 were made. Honeyed, intense with full flavours of apricot, pineapple and peach. It is gorgeous. [read on...]


A B V: 11% Vintage: 2005 Color: Country: France Region: Loire Code: 44666

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