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Tedeschi Wines

The Tedeschi family has been active in the field of wine growing and producing in the Valpolicella area for five generations. Nicolò Tedeschi founded the firm in 1824, stipulating the first deed of sale of some vineyards.

His work was then continued by his two sons Silvino and Renzo, the first completely dedicated to the meticulous care of the vines, the second committed to carrying on, together with his wife Bruna, the 'Tedeschi style', making the family business known in Italy and around the world. While he had a deep respect for the best tradition, paying attention to the long peasant heritage of experience and knowledge, represented by the phases of the moon, which should always be respected when the moment for bottling arrives, and by the imperceptible signs given each year by the vines.

The most recent generation of the Tedeschi family is today represented by his children, Antonietta, Sabrina and Riccardo, the first responsible for sales in Italy and administration, the second a food technician and for years a researcher at the Institute of San Michele all'Adige, concerned with research and development, whereas Riccardo, an oenologist, deals with production and with sales outside Italy.

Around 180 years have passed since Nicolò decided that our family should concern itself with wine and vineyards in Valpolicella, but the spirit of the Tedeschi family has not changed: we are more convinced than ever that each of our wines must not only be as good as possible, but also as personal as it can, having its own style and a clearly distinguishable character, a genuine 'Tedeschi trademark'. In order to achieve this objective we try to comply with its nature in every phase of working, from the vineyard to the cellar, without ever trying to substitute nature or its laws in any way.

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If we can be of any assistance please contact us via email at or phone +44 (0)1481 823414 during business hours.

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