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Rioja Alta

La Rioja Alta has more than one hundred years experience as a vineyard,current shareholders and some of the employees are descendant of the original five families who founded the company back in 1890.

The Group is currently made up by the following companies: La Rioja Alta, S.A.: with wineries in Haro and Labastida. It offers classic rioja alta wines: Gran Reserva 890, Gran Reserva 904, Viña Ardanza, Viña Arana and Viña Alberdi.

Torre de Oña, S.A., located in Páganos-Laguardia. The Barón de Oña, a red Reserva, is a typical rioja alavesa, modern wine. Lagar de Fornelos, S.A., where the delicate and aromatic Albariño Lagar de Cervera is made. Ribera del Duero: Although the wine is already aging in the barrel, a brand name has not yet been chosen yet for this full boby, tannic, modern, red Reserva.

In red, Rioja Alta only make Reserva and Grandes Reservas. The youngest wine we offer has a minimum of 4 years of aging, including cask and bottle. In whites, only the Albariño Lagar de Cervera is made, which is considered one of the top white wines in Spain and a wine of international level.

Production is limited with the goal of increasing - year after year - the qualities of the wines. This means a maximum of 40,000 cases in good years.

It is not traditional in the Rioja for the great bodegas to own vineyards, but La Rioja Alta S.A. currently has 300 ha (741 acres) in order to control and secure grapes of the quality required, most of them in the subarea of Rioja Alta and Rioja Alavesa.

The maximum production of the vineyards is 5,300 kg/ha. (36.50 Hl./Ha.), 20% lower than the authorised production in La Rioja, increasing the quality of the grapes. Vineyards are planted on Clay-Marl soil in the Rioja Alta subarea: at Rodezno, Briones, Cenicero, Fuenmayor etc., and Labastida in Rioja Alavesa. 80% of the vines are pruned \"on wires\" and the remaining 20% in \"goblet shape\".

Rioja wines are characterised by their aging for several years in oak casks with a capacity of 225 liters and later aging in bottles in the bodegas. American oak is used exclusively. The 51,000 casks we have at La Rioja Alta, S.A. are a guarantee of quality. The average age of the wood is 5 years which is our ideal age, as it permits the long aging we give our wines. Our own cooperage keeps them in good repair. The casks are made with our own staves, which we import from the US and naturally air dry for two years.

Racking is conducted manually to every cask of all brands every six months. The manual racking is most important for the quality of the wine for different reasons: Racking the wine from one cask to another, cleans the wine of all the sediments. Each cask is tasted individually, allowing us a better selection of the wines. By manually racking, the wine is put in contact, during a very brief period, with the air, which increases the capacity for aging.

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