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Marras Wines

Martin Lamprecht, a full-fledged wine making enthusiast, was born in Cape Town and remembers growing up in Dundee, KwaZulu-Natal in what he calls a “wine-minded family”. He kicked off his studies at Stellenbosch University for a degree in Mechanical Engineering, but soon realised that he would much rather prefer a course that will support his “wine drinking lifestyle”. After pouring his thoughts and a few glasses of wine - oenology seemed to be the only answer.

Martin graduated at Elsenburg Agricultural Training Institute as the top male student in 2010 with a Cum Laude in B.Agric cellar technology. David Nieuwoudt of Cederberg Cellars mentored Martin with various techniques “from vineyard to bottle”. Being a quick learner, Martin rapidly became successful as a winemaker with his own personal touch.

“Winemaking is my passion and my future. For me, mediocrity is not an option. I use every opportunity to develop my knowledge and abilities to ensure that I become the best winemaker I can be”. Appreciating various styles of winemaking, Martin decided that he needed a bit of French flair to broaden his knowledge and embarked on a journey to experience French winemaking at its best. “They taught me how to produce wine that correctly showcase the history of the vineyard and its people.”

Martin’s French experience was particularly beneficial as it involved working with varietals (cultivars), which grow particularly well in the Swartland and Piekenierskloof areas, where the Marras grapes grow lusciously. “All I really do is take the grapes by their hands and guide them to where they want to be.”

If you ever encounter Marras during harvest season – you’ll find a hardworking man in his vellies with a Ridgeback called Cinsaut by his side driving around in his bakkie. His day starts with a strong coffee in the morning and mostly ends with an ice-cold beer and only wine in-between.

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Marras Piekeinerskloof Grenache Red 2014

Piekenierskloof is the newest wine producing region in the Cape, and is ideally suited to produce the finish Grenache wines in South Africa. And Martin Lamprecht is an exciting new talented winemaker. Produced from low yielding ungrafted vine rootstock this red Grenache is light coloured - Martin's quote 'You can't taste the colour'. Showing creamy smooth berry flavours wrapped in subtle leafy herbs. Seemless, harmonious and pure drinking delight with a long pleasing farewell. Versatile with food and, unusually for a red wine, goes especially well with grilled tuna. [read on...]


A B V: 13.5% Vintage: 2014 Color: red Country: South Africa Code: 84258

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