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Leonildo Pieropan

The Company was founded by Dr. Leonildo Pieropan in 1890. Whilst his two sons, Fausto and Gustavo took on the company and ran it with the same passion, it was the youthful enthusiasm of his grandson Leonildo that revolutionised it. The company is now run by Leonildo & Teresita.

The principles for their wine growing are their understanding for their land, their love of local culture and the longstanding family history of grapegrowing and winemaking.

Nino’s vineyard husbandry is also innovative for the region and includes spur pruning, crop thinning and the use of organic fertilizers. In addition, he studies and helps preserve endangered varieties of grape and continues to work for recognition for the Garganega grape.

Pieropan’s winery exemplifies the culture of quality intrinsic to his winemaking: the drying chambers for the grapes designed for Recioto and even the winery itself, the fruit of generations of research. Pullici, the lovingly restored building dating back to 1460, is an example of the family’s love for their history and counts amongst its visitors the writer and poet Ippolito Nievo, who spent his childhood there.

Today Leonildo and Teresita have been joined by their sons Andrea and Dario, both graduated in eonology and viticulture. With their youth, enthusiasm and determination they promise interesting and inovative future development in the company.

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If we can be of any assistance please contact us via email at or phone +44 (0)1481 823414 during business hours.

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