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Koelenhof wines represent 75 wine farmers in the Stellenbosch wine region of South Africa, managed by the De Vries family since 1941.


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Mont du Bois Chenin Blanc Late Harvest half Bot

Alc. 12. 4% In great vintage years the grapes are left on the vines a little longer than usual to allow the sugar content in the berries to rise higher than usual. At the same time, and once again on rare occasions only, a bacteria called botrytis settles on the bunches and further dehydrates the water from the berries. At the optimum moment the bunches are hand picked, pressed and the juice fermented. Fermantation stops naturally leaving a great deal of natural residual sweet- ness and the botrytis adds a fantastic unmistakable addition to the flavour. This is a real blockbuster of a 'sticky' sweet wine. Deep golden colour, fabulous bouquet of dried fruit, honey and rich home made orange marma- lade. The flavour is rich, unctuous, viscous, complex melange of tropical stewed fruit, sun dried peaches,apricots & a lick of honey gently infused by botrytis. Fabulous. Goes well with many cheeses but especially 'blue' cheeses [read on...]


A B V: 12.4% Vintage: 2005 Color: white Country: South Africa Code: 76117

Koelenhof Koelenbosch Pinotage 2009

The Pinotage vine was created in Stellenbosch in 1924 by crossing Pinot Noir with Cinsaut which used to be called Hermitage - hence the name Pinotage. This vintage is excellent. Vibrant red colour with creamy butterscotch, plum, bramble, black cherries, ripe raspberries and a hint of spice on the nose. The butterscotch follows through onto the palate with rich cherry and mulberry flavours and a hint of spice on the farewell. Chosen as TOP 20 PINOTAGE in South Africa 2010. [read on...]


A B V: 14% Vintage: 2009 Color: red Country: South Africa Code: 77403

Koelenhof Sauvignon Sparkling Demi Sec 2011

It is not often that one discovers a really excellent bubbly made from pure Sauvignon Blanc - even less so a medium dry one. Peach and melon leap out on the nose to be joined by pears and passionfruit in the mouth. [read on...]


A B V: 12% Vintage: 2011 Color: white Country: South Africa Code: 77411

Koelenbosch Shiraz 2015

Produced from carefully selected grapes grown in the famous Stellenbosch area, this wine has a good deep colour with a complex nose of mint, dark cherries with hints of spiciness. The flavour has plush fruit of dark cherries, hint of wild strawberries with a subtle hint of oak to add complexity and width. [read on...]


A B V: 14% Vintage: 2015 Color: red Country: South Africa Code: 84431

Koelenhof Koelenberg Red 2015

A blend of 40% Cabernet Sauvignon, 30% Shiraz, 15% Merlot and 10% Merlot, has produced a deliciously complex, esy drinking red ith a flavour of mulberries, blackcurrant and blueberries, gently brushed with vanilla. Soft silky with gentle tannins. The best we have shipped to date. [read on...]


A B V: 14% Vintage: 2015 Color: red Country: South Africa Code: 84101

Koelenhof Koelenbosch Merlot 2013

Ripe plums and eucalyptus on the nose follows onto the palate to marry seductively with sweet prunes, milk chocolate and fruitcake sweetness bound by fine acidity and well judged oak. Bottle age has allowed the wine to develop its big early potential. [read on...]


A B V: 14% Vintage: 2013 Color: red Country: South Africa Code: 84136

Koelenhof Koelenbosch Sangiovese 2015

This Italian grape used to produce Chianti is now being grown with great success in South Africa. Medium bodied it offers pleasant aromas with hints of strawberries, blackberries, vanilla and spice. On the palate it displays a vibrant combination of strawberry, blackcurrant and black cherry flavours with well balanced tannins and just a hint of oak. [read on...]


A B V: 13.5% Vintage: 2015 Color: red Country: South Africa Code: 84128

Koelenhof Sparkling Sauvignon Sec 2016

A delightful sparkler with a bouquet of tropical fruit flavours, especially passion fruit and melon. The palate is refreshing and lingering with a peach, pear and passion fruit finish. [read on...]


A B V: 11.5% Vintage: 2016 Color: white Country: South Africa Code: 84162

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