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Domaine des Noelles

Viticole since Romans, the region nantaise has never failed to this tradition. Encounter of the earth and the ocean, it has since always welcomed curious spirits and travelers. After Romans, monks developed the vine and surent to exploit at best the numerous center communication that the Country Secured offered them. The Sèvre, the Maine, marsh of Goulaine offered a preferential access on the Loire and completed to wonder the numerous see romaines already established. To the XVIE', the White Mad vine makes its appearance in the Vineyard. It is used to produce a wine whose fleshy and thick appearance of the cep inspires the Large name Plant. Dutch installed to Secure to this period, see its port as an appropriateness to the development of wine transportation bythe sea. Thus it is that the Large Plant is one the first wines secured to know the infatuation of countries of Europe northern. To 1635, the Burgundy bring in their baggage a vine to round leaves, appointed the Melon. As much this vine acclimatized badly to its region of origin, as much it finds here an earth nourricière. In 1709, a terrible winter is abat on the vineyard. The temperature descends even until - 20°C. Casks explode, the ocean freezes the long of coasts! As to thank its country for welcome, the Melon resists courageously, offering a wine to the character asserted: the Muscadet. In 1925, 8 "vignerons" of the Haie - Fouassière sense that the guarantee of the origin of their wine is indispensable for the consumer. Thanks to their dynamism, they obtain from 1936 the official recognition by the National Designation Institute
of Origin created the preceding year, designations "Muscadet of Sèvre and Maine" and "Muscadet of Hillsides of the Loirë. They will be suivies in 1937 by the regional designation" Muscadet".
Thus, Muscadet figure among most ancient AOC of France

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