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Domaine des Malandes

The Domaine des Malandes was so named in 1986. Lyne and Jean-Bernard Marchive are the winegrowers of this family sized wine farm. The domaine originates from the work of several generations of Tremblays (Lyne Marchive's family), locals from a village called ''La Chapelle Vaupelteigne'', one of the twenty villages that make up the Chablis wine region.

The vines and Vinification

In wine-making, Domaine des Malandes' main objective consists of leaving a maximum of possibilities for the soil to express itself. Chablis has the good fortune of a unique type of soil called Kimmeridgian which confers to its wine mineral and vivid tastes.

Constantly during the vegetative period, the Domaine des Malandes' team controls the vine's foliage and fruit, using integrated pest management. So when harvest time arrives, the grapes reach optimal maturity and quality. In the cellar, a lot of care is taken of vinification. Jean-Bernard Marchive's interventions as a wine-maker do not mark the wines but on the contrary leave them a chance to asserttheir own character.

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Chablis wine

The Chablis wine region is the northernmost sector of Burgundy, France, and also the name of a town located there.

The Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée system divides the region into four classifications: Chablis AOC, Petit Chablis AOC, Chablis Premier Cru AOC and Chablis Grand Cru AOC.

All wines in the appellations are white wines from Chardonnay grapes (although there are some smaller minor appellations nearby that produce wines from Pinot Noir, Aligoté, Sauvignon Blanc and others). The area is made up of 20 or so small villages clustered around the centrally located village of Chablis. The region is divided in two by the Serein River.

The Grand Crus of Chablis are connected on a chain of three interlocking slopes on the right bank overlooking the Serein. The seven Grand Cru vineyards are (from southeast to northwest): Blanchot, Les Clos, Valmur, Grenouilles, Vaudesir, Les Preuses and Bougros. The Premier Crus are situated on a series of hillsides both on the left and right side of the river. The best Premier Crus are, like the Grand Crus, on the right bank facing the southwest (notably, Fourchaume vineyard, located one mile to the north). The soil is a unique combination of clay and chalk called “Kimmeridgian?, and it is profusely littered by fossils of comma-shaped oysters. It gives the wines a unique profile of aromas and flavours. It is often referred to as a 'gout de la pierre la fusil', or gunflint character. Another oft-mentioned characterization is that of ''wet rocks''. The fruit flavour is very reserved, as Chablis' northern location produces grapes that just barely reach an acceptable level of ripeness. Expect green apples, pineapples and pink grapefruits. Finally, the wines are also typified by their bracing acidity, often unforgiving in the wines’ youth (but improved by decanting young vintages before serving), which allows the wines to age very well.

Misuse of the name ''Chablis''

Before the use of varietal labelling became the norm in the New World, wine producers borrowed the names of wines that their products resembled and with which consumers would be familiar. This practice is now rare and virtually limited to inexpensive jug wines. Even before the historic Paris Wine Tasting of 1976 revolutionized the world of wine, higher quality California wines were generally labelled by grape variety. This is now the standard practice with New World wines.

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Chablis Grand Cr and ucirc: Vaudesir 2003 G.M.

Arguably the best of the seven Chablis Grand Crûs, profound and distinguished. Full and minerally, rich and very classy. Great Chablis. [read on...]


A B V: 13% Vintage: 2003 Color: white Country: France Region: Chablis Code: 65674

Chablis Malandes Vieilles Vignes Tour du Roy 06

The Marchives have a plot of 50 year old vines close to Grand Crû Vaudesir which they call 'Tour du Roy' With above average consentration and quality for its price this is a very fine typical minerally Chablis with just the slightest touch of oak to add complexity and a hint of citrus [read on...]


A B V: 12.5% Vintage: 2006 Color: Country: France Region: Chablis Code: 68601

Chablis Malandes 2012

Typical expression of Chablis. Wonderful youthful fresh fruit on the bouquet, especially grapefruit and white peaches, and a fullm crisp, supple flavour with classic minera;ity from the special kimmeridgian terroir, and nice, lively round finish. [read on...]


A B V: 12.5% Vintage: 2012 Color: white Country: France Code: 79992

Petit Chablis Malandes 2012

Petit Chablis is one of the four appellations in Chablis. Unfortuately named because there is nothing small about this wine. Produced from Chardonnay, known locally as Beaunois,it has classic minerality, pure with white peach nuances, fresh and clean on the finish. [read on...]


A B V: 12% Vintage: 2012 Color: white Country: France Code: 79983

Chablis 1er Crû Mont du Milieu 2014

Produced from vines grown on Kimmeridgeau limestone on south facing slopes. It is made up of 50% produced exclusively in stainless steel tanks and 50% having had brief exposure in fine French oak barrels which has added to its complexity. Full of excellent fruit with a persistent clean long flavour. this 1er Cru makes a welcome maiden addition to our list. [read on...]


A B V: 13% Vintage: 2014 Color: white Country: France Code: 82616

Chablis Malandes 2015

Typical expression of Chablis. Wonderful floral aromas of green apples and pears with a full crisp supple flavour expressing classic minerality from the special Kimmieridgeau soil. Balanced, round and elegant. [read on...]


A B V: 12.5% Vintage: 2015 Color: white Country: France Code: 82572

Chablis 1er Crû Vau de Vey 2014

A super Chablis from the superior 1er Cru Vau de Vey vineyards. Flavoursome, dry with full flavour and a good length. [read on...]


A B V: 13% Vintage: 2014 Color: white Country: France Code: 82607

Petit Chablis Malandes 2015

A great value example of what good Petit Chablis should deliver. One of four appellations of Chablis and although 'Petite' means 'small' in French- there is nothing small about this wine. Produced from Chardonnay known locally as Beaunois, it has classic minerality, appealing citrus aromas and green apple, peach, acacia and nectarine flavours. [read on...]


A B V: 12% Vintage: 2015 Color: white Country: France Code: 82563

Chablis 1er Crû Côte de Lechet 2015

This excellent Chablis support the argument that top quality 1er Crus are more typical of Chablis than the more expensive Grand Cru's. It is young, unoaked and shows rich lively fruits of citrus, white flowers and white peaches. It has complexity and depth of flavour and offers a very fine glass of Chablis indeed. [read on...]


A B V: 13% Vintage: 2015 Color: white Country: France Code: 82580

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