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Domaine des Banquettes

The André family has owned the property since 1910.

In 1951 Patrice's grandfather was part of the founding of the cooperative and the grapes from the property were delivered there until 2002 when a new cellar was built on a slope with 9 metres difference between where the grapes are received and where the ageing takes place. In this way any pumping can be avoided.

The domain covers 30 ha, 15 ha in Rasteau, 14 ha in Violes (Plan de Dieu) and 1 ha in Sablet.

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Côtes du Rhône Villages Plan de Dieu 13

Plan de Dieu (translated means God's Plain) was granted Cotes du Rhone status in 2005. Produced from Grenache and Syrah this wine is high in colour, dense and concentrated. The nose is reminiscent of the surrounding garrigue (wild scrubland) with black fruits and mulberries on the nose with scents of thyme and bay leaves. Full bodied and powerful it offers superb value and dances with anything from the grill. [read on...]


A B V: 14.5% Vintage: 2013 Color: red Country: France Region: Rhone Code: 82538

Côtes du Rhône Rouge 2014 Blanquettes

This fresh, bright and juicy Cotes du Rhone shows superb notes of cassis, rosemary and black cherries laced with a brush of peppery spice. A very attractive soft silky texture and long satisfying farewell makes it a fascinating and very satisfying easy drinking red. The palate is generous with nuances of myrtille, blackcurrants, raspberries, thyme, rosemary, wild herbs with a hunt of black olives. [read on...]


A B V: 14% Vintage: 2014 Color: red Country: France Region: Rhone Code: 82529

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