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Domaine Mathias


Currently, the vineyard covers 11 hectares. The collected wines represent approximately 80.000 bottles, or 500.000 of wine enjoyed throughout the world each year.

The wines are approved by the INAO (National Institute of the Labels of origin Controlées) which delivers us a certificate following control of vines, analyses and tastings. We also work with an analysis laboratory and approved councils.


Saint-Vincent Chaintré January 2005
Mâcon-white 2004: 1st Price
Creaming of Burgundy: 1st Price

National contest of the Wines Vinified by the Independent Vine grower 2004:
Pouilly-Fuissé 2002: Money medal
Pouilly-Vinzelles 2002: Money medal

Contest of the High-class wines of France 2004:
Pouilly-Vinzelles 2002: money medal

Selection for its cellar of prestigne of the Inter-profession of the Wines of Burgundies
Distinction: Pouilly-Vinzelles 2002

Contest of the High-class wines of France 2003:
Mâcon-white 2002: Gold medal
Pouilly-Fuissé 2001: Bronze medal

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If we can be of any assistance please contact us via email at or phone +44 (0)1481 823414 during business hours.

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