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Domaine A. Cailbourdin

The estate was created in 1980 and today it is comprised of 16 hectares (approximately 40 acres) of vines planted in some of the best Pouilly-Fumé slopes. About half of the vines are ''vieilles vignes'' or old vines; the other half are vines planted since 1980.

Grapes grown on the different slopes are vinified separately, thus permitting the production of four different cuvees, each representing a distinctive terroir and aromatic expression. Constant concern for quality is evident throughout the winemaking process, from the vineyard to the cellar. The guiding principle is to bring forth the quality and diversity of the terroir, based on the principle that a wine can only be great if it has the mineral support of a quality terroir. The art of the winemaking profession consists of giving the grapes all the possible chances to reveal their qualities.

The idea of terroir is of course essential to these wines. The pebbly limestone soil found on the largest part of the vineyard constitutes the soil of predilection for sauvignon grape cultivation. It is a poor well-drained soil. Due to its white colour, the soil stores heat tremendously which also furthers maturity.

The word terroir includes the idea of climate as well. The Loire River bordering the vineyard plays an important role, locally creating a favorable microclimate at the end of the season. In September the estate benefits from sunny days and cool nights allowing a slow but even evolution of grape maturity, a guarantee of finesse, elegance of acidity, and aromas.

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