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Cheval Quancard

The Quancard family has a long history in and around the city of Saint-André-de-Cubzac in the Bordeaux Region.

Cheval Quancard's main activity arises from their passion for winegrowing.
''It is due to this winegrowing spirit developed from running our estates, '' explains Roland Quancard, ''that we are involved with all aspects of winemaking and that our entire range of products from generic wines to bourgeois growths, receives the same careful attention.''

This specialized know-how gives the firm its unique character, and accounts for a large part of its business activity. In the same way, the company's château-bottled wines (great growths and petits châteaux) are selected with great care, in order to offer wines representative of their appellations, and in keeping with uncompromising standards. As for bulk wines, these are likewise carefully selected and their quality demonstrates the true art of the négociant. These wines thus benefit from the significant added value that comes from having aged in the Cheval Quancard cellars..

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