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Chateau de Briacé

Briacé is established in the Nantes vineyard, less than 30 minutes from Nantes. The site (landscape park of 7 ha, castle, ponds...) makes it possible to put young people in optimum situation to study viniculture.

Short history of the college

Before 1940 many growers of Muscadet wine wished for a Viniculture. With the statements of the Presidents of the Federation of the Wine Trade unions, Mr Sautejeau, then Mister of COUESBOUC, it would have as it essential task the training of young people with the culture of the vine, especially with the analysis and the work of the winemaking. Nothing existed in the area, apart from the CERCA courses, which had little attendence. However, in 1951, Mr Gilbert Blanchard of the Crances, 62 years a landowner living the Castle of Briace, commune of the Landreau, put on sale the few goods which remained to him: approximately thirty hectares. Thse were comprised of 1/3 vines, 1/3 of coppice meadows and 1/3 of park and garden, with castle, wine storehouses, residences and various dependences. Within a pleasant framework, in full heart of the Nantes vineyard, it was an ideal property for the School of Vine growing of which administrators of the Federation dreamed. It was a unique opportunity to seize immediately and at all costs.

Its statutes are deposited in Maître Jannin, Notaire in Loroux-bottereau, as of August 20, 1951. The President is Mister of COUESBOUC, President of the Federation of the Wine Trade unions. It has as an aim to acquire, part in freehold, left in naked-property, the field of Briace, to install there a School of Agriculture and Vine growing, and to exploit this field. And it is on September 19, 1951 that transferring sale contract was signed , left in freehold and part in life annuity, the field of Briace at the civil company and immobiliere of the school of the castle of Briace. A significant step has been just taken, but any remainder to be made. The opening of the school with Briace is not possible as long as a life annuity will last whose term is unforeseeable. To prepare this opening, the Brother Pierre Guillet is named at the Primary school of Loroux-bottereau - Chief town of Canton - with the mission of launching wine and agricultural courses, germs of the future School.

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