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Chateau La Bastide

The domaine is situated on the north end of the Appellation ''Corbieres'' , in the Aude county, 5 km from Lezignan-Corbieres.

Nestled in a green setting surrounded by maritime influences, this impressive chateau had already been mentioned in topographical layouts of 1770 and refurbished several times since then. It offers a unique character.

Chateau la Bastide has been ranked amongst the best in numerous international tastings such as in the USA, Canada, England, Benelux, Germany and other countries to which 96% of the production is exported. As the name of the estate indicates, there is a superb bastide or country house located on the domaine which in the near future will offer accommodation.

The quality of the wine depends on picking the grapes at full maturity. For the past 3 years it has become customary at this vineyard to taste the grapes in order to define the harvest period.The soil is rich with limestone-slate and large gravel.

For 10 years the objective was to re-plant with quality grape varietals adapted to grow in plots, favouring dense elevated plantations: from 4500 to 5500 grapevines per hectare upright on stakes or ''trellis training'' allowing an excellent sun exposure to foliage and grapes to attain ideal ripeness.

Harvesting takes place during the evening or early dawn which enables the grapes to be picked at a cool temperature. The grapes are de-stemmed, crushed and chilled to 7-8°C.

Vinification for White Wines
The crop is then taken to the wine press. The must is left to settle during 48 hours then fermented at 14 to 16°C. Approximately 15% of this juice is vinified in oak casks for 6 months, stirred regularly. The rest of the juice is vinified in vats and stirred in their lees over 6 months.

Vinification for Red Wines
Grapes that have been chilled at 7-8°C are put into vats and go through a pre-fermentation maceration for 8-10 days which allows the extraction of colour and tannins. Then at 12-13°C, with the addition of yeast, fermentations begin and continue for 12 -18 days.

After fermentation the wine is rapidly drawn off and the pomace is pressed. Wines that have been dripped and those that have been pressed are usually not blended.

Ageing Red Wines
In October 2002 a winery was completed which can hold up to 600 oak barrels. They are now experimenting with all sorts of barrels from different origins and of diverse sizes with Syrah, Merlot and Pinot Noir varieties, the objective being to find the best ageing procedures for wines producing harmony between oak and wine with predominant fruit.

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