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Charles Joguet Viticulteur

The vineyards of the Domaine Charles Joguet have ancient and somewhat curious origins. As the case for many domains, the phylloxera invasion and the advent of mechanised farming led the Beaudoin-Joguet-Malécault family to turn to multiple cropping. Their Sazilly vineyards, however, which are entirely planted with Cabernet Franc, date back to 1830 or maybe earlier. As for the Clos de la Dioterie, it was a vineyard one or two centuries before the French Revolution.

In the Beginning…

Charles Joguet founded the domain in 1957. Following several years of artistic studies (painting and sculpture), which he had begun in Paris in 1949, he took the helm of the family property when his father died. With the help of a small horse, he and his mother, Mme.Joguet-
Malécault – whose initials are displayed on our tin caps – managed to look after the vines and produced some good wine. But the great qualities of Clos de la Dioterie, which has since become famous for its terroir and for the age of its vine stock (80 years), gradually gave them the desire to improve their knowledge of winemaking.

Decisive Encounters

At that time, three men with strong personalities gave Charles some valuable advice. First came Marcel Angelliaume, a winegrower from Cravant, who told him after his father’s death: “Charles, you should bottle your wine. It won’t be easy, there will be a little of this and that, but if you have any trouble, come see me. And it will be much easier for your mother to sell it if it is bottled.? Charles followed his advice, as he did in 1959 that of Jacques Puisais – founder of the French Taste Institute and now Honorary President of the International Union of Oenologists, and in 1963 that of old man Tafonneau, probably the best winemaker in the whole of Chinon at the time.

By helping Charles and placing their trust in him, these exceptional individuals enabled him to take advantage of various opportunities and to carry out his plans by planting vines in Les Varennes du Grand Clos, Clos de la Cure, and Clos du Chêne Vert between 1962 and 1976, always relying on technical innovation.
Clos du Chene vert
Chinon - Le Clos du Chêne Vert

Vinification By Plot and Early Innovations

Charles Joguet is a nonconformist whose original ideas have led to many technical innovations. For example, in 1975 the first stainless steel vats for “punching the cap? (pushing the solid matter, or cap, at the top of the vat back down into the juice) were created, in collaboration with Jacques Puisais and Guérin. Similarly, the grapes then started to be harvested in small, 20kg crates – so as not to crush the grapes – with holes allowing the harvest to dry naturally in case of rain.

More importantly, Charles Joguet determined in the late 1950’s that grapes from different plots, each having its particular terroir and vines of a particular age, must be harvested, made into wine, and sold separately. He drew his inspiration from the Burgundians, who had been cultivating their vineyards by “cru,? or growth, for quite some time already. This was an extremely new idea in the Loire valley at the time, since most winegrowers were still blending their wines with varying expertise, thereby erasing the characteristics of each terroir, but also the freshness and liveliness of their young vines or the stronger structure of older vines.
In keeping with this concept, Charles Joguet planted one hectare (approx. 2.5 acres) of Varennes du Grand Clos using cabernet Franc de Pied – i.e. without rootstocks – in an attempt to rediscover the nature of pre-phylloxera wines.

Coteau de Monplaisir
Chinon - Le Coteau de Monplaisir

Loyal Partners

In the early 1980’s, Charles Joguet was determined to preserve all the accomplishments he had made to create a domain to his liking. For that purpose, he decided to surround himself with people displaying complementary skills.

In 1983, Charles Joguet met Michel Pinard, who became his key man for everything concerning vines and vinification by the following year. They quickly reached the level of harmony required when striving for quality. After having refined his skills thanks to the teachings of Charles, Michel Pinard began overseeing all the vinifications in 1988. Michel is therefore responsible for the celebrated vintages of 1989 and 1990 that give us such great pleasure to this day.

In 1985, Jacques Genet joined the domain and became Charles Joguet’s partner. In addition to a couple of acres of vine on the lovely Monplaisir hillside, whose soil closely resembles that of Chêne Vert, Jacques Genet brought with him the land he owned in Beaumont-en-Véron, where two dozen acres of Cabernet Franc were planted in the years that followed.

As for Alain Delaunay, he joined the domain in 1986. He soon became the mainstay of client relations and commercial activities for the domain.


The domain has continued its expansion by increasing the vine surface in order to further reduce the yields of gravelly or sandy vintages, and by planting a small plot of Chenin Blanc between 1995 and 1999.

In 1997, a mere forty years after having founded the domain that bears his name, Charles Joguet retired from winemaking to return to his other passion that never faded, painting.

Les Durandières
Les Durandières, below the
Beaumont-en-Véron plateau

When he stepped down, Charles wrote to his friends and clients: ''After forty years devoted to the vineyard and to bringing together a team whose philosophy resonates with my own values and concepts, I felt it was time to step back and pass the torch. Our domain shall thus continue its pursuit of excellence with my colleagues and friends Jacques Genet, Alain Delaunay, and Michel Pinard. Working by my side for over ten years, their passion and expertise are your best guarantee of pleasure, the pleasure you will experience when tasting our wine. Their qualities make them particularly worthy of the trust you have placed in me throughout the years, for which I warmly thank you.''

At the beginning of 2005, it was Michel Pinard's turn to hand over to François-Xavier Barc the keys to the chai... and the fields!

Since 1998, François-Xavier has gained extensive insight into and knowledge of the domain and its values, in which he has since become deeply impregnated. His enthusiasm and his experience allow him to pursue the mission initiated by the domain's founder: ceaselessly cultivating the humility required for working the vines and producing truly elegant wine.


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