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Bodegas Valderroa


The Mencia dn Godello vines, most acclimatized to the Pizarrosas slopes of Valdeorras, have been cultivated since 1990. Maximum expression in the vines is obtained in the towns of Portela and Córgomo, in the municipality of Vilamartín de Valdeorras - Ourense.

In Córgomo and Portela the south facing vineyards guarantee better sunlight on the vines and its greater altitude, about 600m, allows minor exposure to the fog and therefore lesser possibility of being attacked by mildium and oidium, the two main plagues of the grapevine.

For each one of the vines a management plan for the fertility of the ground is drawn up every three years: including planning of subscribers, of bottom and correctors, systems of guided pruning and soil analyses quarterly that are complemented with later foliage analyses during the growth periods.

This constant study gives assurance of healthy fruit, plants and grounds the vegetative cycle throughout.

The vines are planted for optimal mechanization of the rows, separated 2.7 meters apart and exposed vertically with three wire lines to a height of 1.5 meters placed in stairs.

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If we can be of any assistance please contact us via email at or phone +44 (0)1481 823414 during business hours.

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