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Bodegas Castillo de Monjardin


Bodegas Castillo de Monjardín lies in the Valley of San Esteban, a viticultural zone of Estella in Navarra and a region ideally suited to the cultivation of the vine.

It is surrounded by 120 hectares of its own vineyards, lying on sun-drenched slopes that during the summer nights are cooled by the Cierzo wind.

The combination of this unique microclimate and the altitude of approximately 600 metres at which the vineyards lie, helps to make wines of singularly intense aroma.

The vineyard produces Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot grapes of optimum quality. The oenological varieties have been chosen and selected for low yielding clones. The wines are trained in a way that best allows for their care and upkeep and are pruned using the Cordon-Royal Method.


White wines

The white grapes are unloaded directly onto the closed pneumatic press. During this eight hour press-filling process, the press is maintained in constant rotation, but without actually exerting pressure. In this way the grapes are gradually squashed by their own natural weight, whilst any unripe grapes remain intact.

This process, invented by Bodegas Castillo de Monjardín, produces a 50% yield of free-run juice, which is destined for the production of our Chardonnay wines, in contrast to the 75% yield obtained by other processes. However, in compensation, selection process of the grape harvest is greatly improved and can achieve better maceration.

The majority of this selected grape is used to produce young white wines, which are fermented in stainless steel vats and fined in the bottle. That part of the grape 'must' destined for the Crianza wines is fermented in new Allier oak barrels and, after a two-year ageing process, the Chardonnay Reserva is obtained.

Red wines

Our red wines are produced following the classic Bordeaux method. The red grapes are first de-stemmed and crushed before undergoing a tumultuous fermentation process followed by a gentle malolactic fermentation in stainless steel vats. Depending on the varietal characteristics and vintage, the wines are then selected for processing as young wines or for ageing in oak casks and bottles to produce Crianza and Reserva wines.


Villamayor de Monjardin, Spain

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