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Bestheim represents the merged wine cellars of the Ascace villages of Bennwihr and Westhalten, an area that has produced wine since the 7th century.

Single vineyards include:

- Bollenberg (Westhalten): south-south-east facing, imparts fruit and a special roundness to Muscats and Gewurztraminers.
- Rebgarten (Bennwihr): literally meaning “the vine garden� where the Riesling unfolds its delicious and delicate finesse.
- Roemerberg (Bennwihr): reminding of the passage of the Romans, this is the cradle of the Gewurztraminer, full and generously flavoured, delicately spiced.
- Strangenberg (Westhalten): the soil here is rich in limestone and ideally suits to produce the great Pinot Blancs of Alsace. Suitable for ageing, these wines are powerful and distinguished.

From reserve wines to late harvested vintages, Bestheim offers the whole range of wines of “appellation d’origine contrôlée�.
All the typical Alsatian wines are present, created with a passion for wine-making and in respect of the traditions of the region.
Dry, sweet or sparkling, discover the produce of the rich and varied soils of Bestheim.

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Muscat Marckrain Grand Cru 2000

South of the village Bennwihr, the Marckrain rises over the wine route. It enjoys a very favourable east to south-east exposure with a special micro-climate. Dry, well rounded strong Muscat flavour with good crispness. [read on...]


A B V: 12% Vintage: 2000 Color: Country: France Region: Alsace Code: 53771

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