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Abbaye Sainte Radegonde
Agrícola Castellana
Albert Bichot
Alliance Loire
Berard Pere et Fils
Blandys Maderia
Bleasdale Wines
Blossom Hill Wine
Bodega del Fin del Mundo
Bodegas Castillo de Monjardin
Bodegas los Llanos
Bodegas Reyes
Bodegas Sonsierra
Bodegas Valderroa
Boekenhoutskloof and Porcupine Ridge
Bonnievale Cellar
Boutet Saulnier
Brown Brothers
Bruno Paillard
Buitenverwachting Wine Farm
Calliterra Winery
Campagnola Winery
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Chateau Camplazens
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Chateau de Coussergues
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Chateau de l`Aumerade
Chateau du Donjon
Chateau Haut-Logat
Chateau L Escarcelle
Chateau La Bastide
Chateau La Nerthe
Chateau la Perriere
Chateau Larrivet Haut-Brion
Chateau Les Faures
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Chateau Sainte Barbe
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Château du Breuil
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Cheval Quancard
Cidre Nichol
Claude Riffault
Clos du Porteau
Coleraine Wines
Didier Absil Development
Domaine A. Cailbourdin
Domaine Alain Geoffroy
Domaine Alain Normand
Domaine Barillot
Domaine chêne
Domaine de Beaurepaire
Domaine de Gry Sablon
Domaine de Haute Molière
Domaine de la Bergerie
Domaine de la Croix Senaillet
Domaine de la Motte
Domaine de Martinolles
Domaine de Mont-Auriol
Domaine de Perdrycourt
Domaine de Régusse
Domaine de `Ecu
Domaine des Banquettes
Domaine des Bernardins
Domaine des Cretes
Domaine des Deux Arcs
Domaine des Maillettes
Domaine des Malandes
Domaine des Noelles
Domaine des Nugues
Domaine du Chene
Domaine du Gour de Chaule
Domaine du Grand Ormeau
Domaine du VIeux Parc
Domaine Gerard Tremblay
Domaine Grand Tinel
Domaine Henry Pelle
Domaine Jacky Marteau
Domaine Jaume
Domaine Jean Chauvenet
Domaine La Bouissieire
Domaine les Grand Bois
Domaine Mathias
Domaine Merlin-Cherrier
Domaine Michel-Andreotti
Domaine Parigot Pere & Fils
Domaine Pierre Riffault
Domaine Raffaitin
Domaine Reine Juliette
Domaine Rosier
Domaine Taupenot-Merme
Domaine Treuillet
Elgin Vintners
Esk Valley Estate
Fairview Estate
Falesco Wines
Faugeres Les Cru
Francis Blanchet
Freixenet Winery
Fuller, Smith & Turner
Grande Provence Estate
Grant Burge Wines
Graves d Ardonneau
Groot Eiland Wine
Groote Post
Henry Marionnet
Herdade do Esporao
Isabelle Suire
Jerome Godon
JF Lurton
Jordan Winery
Kaapzicht Estate
La Cave de Rasteau
La Cave des Vignerons de Saumur
Lafon Rochet
Leonildo Pieropan
Les Costieres de Pomerols
Les Grands Cru Blanc
Luddite Vineyards
Marras Wines
McGuigan Wines
Meinert Wines
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Rioja Alta
Robert Oatley
Robertson Winery
Rocca Delle Macie
Senorio de Nava
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Stellar Organics Winery
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Taylors Port
Tedeschi Wines
Thatchers Cider Company
The Foundry
Tohu Wines Ltd
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Tulbagh Winery
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Vignerons Beaumes de Venise
Vignerons de Oisly et Thésée
Vignerons de Saumur
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Vignobles la Coterie
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Growers and Vineyards

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Abbaye Sainte Radegonde

The estate covers about 165 hectares and divides into five domaines. These wine producing areas have bee carefully established and extend from the east of the Loire Atlantique region to the north of the Vendâe region on widely varied soils. They offer a wide range of still and sparklling wines of exceptional quality. They are committed to a respect of nature: since 2003 they have been among the earlist to embrace the requirements of Agruculture Raisonnée.

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Agrícola Castellana

The Agrícola Castellana Cooperative, situated in the heart of the Rueda D.O. was set up in La Seca (Valladolid) by small number of dedicated vine growers wishing to add value to their products. Today, it consists of some 400 members who cultivate 2000 hectares of vineyards with modern equipment for the production of 7 millions of litres of wine per harvest and facilities for maturing one million of these in oak. The Bodega has modern machinery for the reception of the grapes, pneumatic presses and temperature controlled, stainless steel vessels for fermentation, all of which have contributed enormously to improve the quality of the wines.

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Albert Bichot

The house of Albert Bichot was established in 1831 by Bernard Bichot (1750-1850), great-grandson of Bénigne Bichot, Lord of Corbeton and councillor to the King, descendant of an old Burgundian parliamentary family. Viticulture at Bichot is close to the organic agricultural philosophy. The aim is simple; to enhance the diversity of our terrains with respect for the environment, using minimal chemical pestides and weed control. Bichot maintains a policy of minimum interference so as to favour the expression of fruit and through this, its terroir. Grapes are picked by hand and vinified in traditional wooden vats (red wines) and barrels (whites).

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Alliance Loire

The Alliance Loire group comprises seven co-operatives, which joined forces in 2001 Alliance Loire began trading in January 2002, with the purpose of strengthening the position of each Cave by creating a company that could draw on the expertise of all the members within the group The group spans almost the entire length of the Loire with appellations including Muscadet, Saumur, Bourgueil, Vouvray & Chinon Their brand, Vallée Loire, was developed in close collaboration with HwCg and was launched at the London International Wine & Spirit Fair in 2004 from: http://www.hwcg.co.uk/our-partners-alliance-loire.htm

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Berard Pere et Fils

Berard Pere et Fils is a vineyard in the Rhone valley.

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Bestheim represents the merged wine cellars of the Ascace villages of Bennwihr and Westhalten, an area that has produced wine since the 7th century. Single vineyards include: - Bollenberg (Westhalten): south-south-east facing, imparts fruit and a special roundness to Muscats and Gewurztraminers. - Rebgarten (Bennwihr): literally meaning “the vine garden? where the Riesling unfolds its delicious and delicate finesse. - Roemerberg (Bennwihr): reminding of the passage of the Romans, this is the cradle of the Gewurztraminer, full and generously flavoured, delicately spiced. - Strangenberg (Westhalten): the soil here is rich in limestone and ideally suits to produce the great Pinot Blancs of Alsace. Suitable for ageing, these wines are powerful and distinguished. From reserve wines to late harvested vintages, Bestheim offers the whole range of wines of “appellation d’origine contrôlée?. All the typical Alsatian wines are present, created with a passion for wine-making and in respect of the traditions of the region. Dry, sweet or sparkling, discover the produce of the rich and varied soils of Bestheim. from: www.bestheim.com, reproduced without permission.

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In 1818 Nicolas Francois Billecart and his spouse Elisabeth Salmon founded their Champagne House in Mareuil-sur-Ay, where the Billecart family had been established since the 17th century. At this time they reclaimed the coat of arms of their ancestor, Pierre Billecart, counsellor to the parliament of the King of France. Some 200 years later the family has remained loyal to Mareuil-sur-Ay. Currently the seventh generation of the descendants run the Champagne House maintaining its independence. Billecart-Salmon works some 30 hectares itself and is supplied by grapes from a total area of 140 hectares in 35 individual crus. Ninety percent of the grapes come from a radius of 20 km around Epernay. The Pinot Noir and Chardonnay come from the Montagne de Rheims and Cote de Blancs respectively. Pinot Meunier comes from the right bank of the Marne Valley near Epernay and from the Leuvrigny region.

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Blandys Maderia

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Bleasdale Wines

The Bleasdale Winery is Langhorne Creek`s first winery, established in 1850 by Frank Potts. Today, fifth generation members of the Potts family still manage the historic winery. The winery has been classified by the Australian National Trust and is listed on the State and National Heritage Registers. The cellars, constructed from red gum and limestone, house the old red gum vats and some of the equipment used by previous generations. The splendid red gum lever press, hand-sawn in the 1890s, is well worth a look (more information on the lever press is available on the Bleasdale website). Today the winery has the latest technology and still maintains the family traditions - the Pott`s philosophy of producing consistent, reliable wines, which are receiving accolades throughout the world.

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Blossom Hill Wine

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Bodega del Fin del Mundo

The bodega at the end of the world. Bodega del Fine Del Mundo was founded in 1999, on remote. deserted land. It was necessary to lay a 20km irrigation canal and set up windbreakers and nets just to plant the first vines. The winery was officially opened in April 2003, and by the following year had won a gold and two silver medals at the Brussels Fine Wine Expo and another gold and silver at the Mondial du Pinot Noir in Switzerland. The climate is mild, desert-like continental, with ccare rainfall of about 180ml annually. The day and night time temperatures can vary by up to 20 degrees as the grapes ripen, causing an excellent level of acidity.

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Bodegas Castillo de Monjardin


Bodegas Castillo de Monjardín lies in the Valley of San Esteban, a viticultural zone of Estella in Navarra and a region ideally suited to the cultivation of the vine. It is surrounded by 120 hectares of its own vineyards, lying on sun-drenched slopes that during the summer nights are cooled by the Cierzo wind. The combination of this unique microclimate and the altitude of approximately 600 metres at which the vineyards lie, helps to make wines of singularly intense aroma. The vineyard produces Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot grapes of optimum quality. The oenological varieties have been chosen and selected for low yielding clones. The wines are trained in a way that best allows for their care and upkeep and are pruned using the Cordon-Royal Method.


White wines The white grapes are unloaded directly onto the closed pneumatic press. During this eight hour press-filling process, the press is maintained in constant rotation, but without actually exerting pressure. In this way the grapes are gradually squashed by their own natural weight, whilst any unripe grapes remain intact. This process, invented by Bodegas Castillo de Monjardín, produces a 50% yield of free-run juice, which is destined for the production of our Chardonnay wines, in contrast to the 75% yield obtained by other processes. However, in compensation, selection process of the grape harvest is greatly improved and can achieve better maceration (continues) ...

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Bodegas los Llanos

Vineyards Bodegas los Llanos has 300 hectares of vineyards planted with the “Cencibel? variety of Tempranillo and another 50 hectares of Cabernet Sauvignon. The vineyards are planted in clay soil, with a high level of limestone and good drainage. These terrain features, together with a dry and sunny climate, contribute to the style, good development and maturity of the grape. Cellars The Los Llanos cellar has an area of 160 000 square metres and a capacity of 45 million litres. It is equipped with one of the greatest underground caves of Spain, with a capacity of 15,000 barrels destined to the production of wines. A new cave has been installed recently which will hold a further 15,000 barrels.

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Bodegas Reyes

Bodegas Reyes is a Spanish vineyard specialising in “Tempranillo?. Founded in 1994 bu by Juan Jose and Luis Reyes under the technical direction of their father Teófilo, to give continuity to his 50 years of experience. Bodegas Reyes founded enólogo of the first cooperative warehouses in Duero and created some of the region`s best known wines. The magazine Wine spectator has rated their wines among the ten best in the world.

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Bodegas Sonsierra

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Bodegas Valderroa

Vineyards The Mencia dn Godello vines, most acclimatized to the Pizarrosas slopes of Valdeorras, have been cultivated since 1990. Maximum expression in the vines is obtained in the towns of Portela and Córgomo, in the municipality of Vilamartín de Valdeorras - Ourense. In Córgomo and Portela the south facing vineyards guarantee better sunlight on the vines and its greater altitude, about 600m, allows minor exposure to the fog and therefore lesser possibility of being attacked by mildium and oidium, the two main plagues of the grapevine. For each one of the vines a management plan for the fertility of the ground is drawn up every three years: including planning of subscribers, of bottom and correctors, systems of guided pruning and soil analyses quarterly that are complemented with later foliage analyses during the growth periods. This constant study gives assurance of healthy fruit, plants and grounds the vegetative cycle throughout. The vines are planted for optimal mechanization of the rows, separated 2.7 meters apart and exposed vertically with three wire lines to a height of 1.5 meters placed in stairs.

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Boekenhoutskloof and Porcupine Ridge

Founded in 1776, Boekenhoutskloof is one of the oldest farms situated up the ``Valley`` in the Franschhoek foothills. Marc Kent is the winemaker, cellarmaster, and part owner of this homestead and wine farm. The Wolftrap is the latest edition to the stable of Boekenhoutskloof. There is a 250-year old wolf trap on Boekenhoutskloof and the name is a tribute to the pioneers who in the early days of the Cape erected a wolf trap, mistakenly believing that wolves inhabited the area. To date, no wolf either real or mystical has been seen in the valley. Boekenhoutskloof, the Franschhoek winery shot to prominence with its first Syrah (1997)is today rated among the Cape`s leading producers. Only approximately 600 cases of the Syrah, 800 of the Cabernet are produced. Boekenhoutskloof has a second label, Porcupine Ridge. The flagship range - which includes the very good Sémillon, also made in tiny quantities - was consciously formulated through Kent`s own preferences, grape availability and his desire to focus on Franschhoek. The vineyards The majority of grapes for the Boekenhoutskloof range are outsourced as the home vineyards are too young or not yet bearing. The Cabernet Sauvignon comes from a single riverside property in Franschhoek (also the source of the Sémillon). Shiraz is sourced outside of the Wine of Origin area. The Somerset West vineyard, which supplied grapes for the maiden 1997, was uprooted and Kent had difficulty in finding a new, high quality source. (continues) ...

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Bonnievale Cellar

Bonnievale Cellar, one of the largest South African Wineries, is a must visit destination. The stylish wine tasting facility, is situated in breath-taking surroundings which invite you into Bonnievale to meet the people who pride themselves on their warmth and unpretentious hospitality. Bonnievale is located on the banks of the Breede River. It is one of the most beautifully situated towns in the Western Cape. The town is approximately 180km from Cape Town and 100km from the southernmost tip of Africa at Cape Agulhas. Bonnievale Cellar forms part of the Robertson Wine Route, which also includes all the wine cellars in the Bonnievale area, and has in recent years won great acclaim in South Africa and around the world, for the production of outstanding white and red wines. Travellers will be pleasantly surprised by the quality offered by the dozen or so wineries on this 'road less travelled.’ Bonnievale’s Wine tourism expertise; offers visitors the fulfilment of a total experience of vineyards, wines, cheese, water and mountains, underscored by hospitality typical of the good old days. With the river and mountains - what more do you need for a glorious, relaxing break, away from the stress of modern urban living? There is great variety of activities for visitors in the area: wine tasting at the several cellars for the wine enthusiast, hiking, 4x4 trails, golfing, fishing, canoeing, a trip on Breede River, bird watching and most of all - just relaxing, breathing fresh (continues) ...

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Boutet Saulnier

Vouvray is located a few miles from Tours, in the Loire Valley region that has been recognised as a World Heritage site by UNESCO. The vineyard lays at the limit between the oceanic and the continental climates. This is where sea breezes and land breezes meet. The majestic and characterful Loire River is a natural temperature regulator. Its effects can be felt in the vineyard thanks to the many valleys that shape the hillsides. These particular climatic conditions have a strong impact on the vintage. This will determine the level of ripeness and sugar content in the fruit, giving the grower the choice of making sparkling, still dry or medium-dry wines. When Indian summer conditions coincide with the harvest time, development of noble can be observed, allowing for the production of sweet wines.

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